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Build brand loyalty & customer retention! Don’t just list products but showcase them, yourself and your business through interesting videos and content that builds awareness and engages your customers.

Our users are all “users” (if you catch the drift) so you’ve already found your target market without even trying. But they’re also interested in you. Sure, you can list or advertise on glorified search apps that “map weed”, but can they offer you the buzz to engage with a cannabis loving community? Nope!

You need to create a sense of connection, create conversation, build customer loyalty. And there’s only ONE place you can do that …Greenlync!

And if you want Online Orders that grow your sales exponentially (translates to oodles of cash), then ask your Point-of-Sale vendor to get in touch with us and integrate so we can offer your customers live menus and products from your inventory!

We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and secret spells to extract meaningful insights around preferences, behavior, sentiments and location.

Imagine Snoop Iron_Lungs getting a 20% discount alert on his favorite Purple Smoochy Woochy Poochy as he’s driving nearby. Or Aunt Mary AKA Toko Ono, getting a 30% discount on a CBD sleep aid cos she’s been muttering about her sleep disorder on our App AND lives in the same Zip code!

They’re gonna adore you more than they do themselves!

(News Flash: Heartless as it may sound, your customers are not driving across state lines to line up at your store)

High 5

and welcome allll
canna-friendly souls!

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