Cannabis Influencers

Are you an artist, musician, athlete, photographer, blogger, Vlogger or someone with rad talent? Whatever you love to do, Greenlync is the place where you can showcase your passions with our community.

Create content, attract new followers, and make some green. Yes! We don’t exploit content creators like the other big social media “bullies”.(Rather than rewarding those who are contributing the content that drives traffic and attention to their networks, these tyrants exploit them to increase their own advertising revenue and bottom-line!) No More! (We’re putting together numerous features that will allow you to monetize your skills in several ways!) – So, get your followers and super-fans on board!

As an influencer, you need to find new followers and interesting brands to work with, and have the creative freedom to do what you want to do without being shadow banned by the big social media bullies!

Cannabis is going mainstream, and brands are looking to partner with new talent. Where can you find brands to work with and get paid? Yup! Greenlync!

Are you getting deleted or shadow-banned for “violating” the big social media tyrant's community guidelines? Not on Greenlync! Be free to be You! We encourage conversation through open dialogue and creative content creation!

Share your talents, expand your reach, and connect with new target audiences.

It’s time to network and create like never before!

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