“Greenlync’s Mile High Partner Program

Elevate Your Agency & Grow Your Greens!

Why Roll with our Partner Program?

Cannabis marketing just got a whole new buzz! Ditch the static websites and light up your client’s digital presence with Greenlync’s Mile High Partner Program, the blazing white label social media platform for cannabis brands, dispensaries, influencers, MMJ experts and everyone and everything cannabis!

🌿 Green Profits & Greener Clients!

Your clients will have their own social hub, where they can talk terpenes, strains, and sustainability while watching the revenue grow—like a well-tended cannabis plant! The unique selling proposition and the icing on the cake, or rather “the high-grade strain and the golden hash oil drizzle!” Free advertising to their customers forever! No Big Social cannabis advertising or content restrictions!

🎓 The High Road to Expertise

Get blazing marketing tools, and a stash of training resources that’ll make you the Snoop Dogg of cannabis digital marketing.

Our Partner Types: Who Should Hit This Joint?

Our partnership network encompasses freelancers, social media marketing agencies, technology associates, digital solutions experts, POS vendor, referral collaborators and more. If you prioritize your clients’ success and have an interest in reselling, we’re likely an excellent fit for collaboration.

Growth Mile-High Club

🌱 Seedling: Onboarding

Join the crew, and we’ll set you up faster than you can say “bong hit.”

🌳 Bud: Management

You set the goals; we help you reach them—high scores only!

🌲 Flower: Scale and Grow

Higher goals, higher rewards. It’s a win-win, or should we say, a win-high?


None, zero, zilch—because we believe in sharing the love.

Training, support, and a toolbox filled with marketing munchies.

We’re setting trends faster than a lighter sets a joint ablaze. Your clients will thank you for the upgrade from static to ecstatic!

Your Clients Expect Innovation.
Deliver Transformation.

In a digital landscape saturated with passive content, Greenlync allows your clients to revolutionize their online presence, making the switch from information dissemination to dynamic engagement. This isn’t just keeping up with trends; it’s setting them.


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