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So, what’s Greenlync? Blend together social media trends and features like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit with a pinch of Eventbrite and a dab of that app that “maps weed”, then roll them into one amazing joint that gives you the best buzz ever! That’s Greenlync! The only social media platform that is “cannabis friendly” and connects weed connoisseurs, influencers, mmj docs, brands, retailers and canna businesses all in one hub!

Connect, create, learn, engage, and share content with like-minded folks with similar passions without the fear of getting banned!

On Greenlync, you can do all the cool things you could do on other social media apps that they don’t let you!

Check out the “The Joint”- our newsfeed. The place to blow steam, retort and let loose! Share what’s on your mind, ask questions in Green Talk and connect with people in special interest groups who will contribute unique insights and answers to whatever you can think off.

See what’s trending, from winners to events to brands and products to crowdsourced reviews and assessments from real people with real experiences!

Enter contests based around memes, and pictures, and video stories, and get your friends to vote and you could win some delicious money! As Dionne Warwick once said: “That’s what friends are for!”

Announce your own party, class, concert or whatever and discover other cool cannabis events. On Greenlync, you could easily be celebrating 4/20 - 365 days and a lot more!

Enjoy and don’t forget to get your friends onboard!

Happy Highs \\0o0//

The Greenlync Team


Macro Trends all in one App!

High 5

and welcome allll
canna-friendly souls!

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