Some bitter munchies for canna-brands & merchants to chew on

  • The big social media mafia ban cannabis advertising
  • These anti-marijuana mobsters kill cannabis content, dictating it “violates” their community guidelines.
  • These goons have put a hit on cannabis businesses and want to see your business “sleeping with the fish”
  • Still advertising on banners and billboards? This isn’t an episode of Mad Men. Get real! It’s the era of content marketing!
  • Point-of-Sale systems and other touted search apps that “map weed” ughh, only tell you what an “anonymous” customer bought. Not insights!
  • We’ve all had “insights” after some chronic green, but what you really need are insights on the user’s preferences, sentiments, and location to target and recommend products!
  • Folks seek opinions from social networks. Or their friends. Or their friends on social networks. (Seeing a pattern here?)
  • Consumers trust users who say “Dude, you have to try this!” much more than they trust brands.
  • Ads? Clickbait? Still stuck in the 90’s? Your customers want enjoyment. Give them some entertaining content to engage with!
  • You need a platform that builds a single, complete view of each customer and relevant audiences
  • You need to build brand awareness, engage with customers, and make them adore you more than they do themselves!
  • You need to create a sense of connection, create conversation, build customer loyalty. And there’s only ONE place you can do that …Greenlync!
  • And if you want Online Orders that grow your sales exponentially (translates to oodles of cash), then ask your Point-of-Sale vendor to get in touch with us and integrate so we can offer your customers live menus and products from your inventory!

All the stuff you can do for free!

  • Post unlimited videos, pictures, news and updates
  • Create polls, contests, hashtag trends and events
  • Create unlimited content
  • Build Awareness & Recognition
  • Breed Conversation Around Your Biz
  • Tell Your Brand’s Story
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Reach a Targeted Audience
  • Drive Quality Traffic
  • Cut Marketing Costs
  • Enhance Credibility
  • Get Invaluable User Insights
  • Stay Top of Mind
  • Generate Leads
  • Boost Sales
  • Partner with influencers
  • Engage your Customers & Audience
  • Offer Discounts and Promos
  • Gauge Sentiment around your Brand
  • Go live, become a Thought Leader!
  • Identify Trends in Consumer Behavior
  • Leverage User-Generated Content
  • Build a Following for your Brand & Biz

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